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Produktie Asfaltverwerking Nederland

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See the Wacker RD-27 Asphalt Drum Roller in action now at Construction Complete. Rammax grabenwalze rammax video

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Walze fahren für Kinder leicht? und Interessant kleine Profis bei der Arbeit oder soooo kein bobycar fahrer Lindenfels Sie fahren Bagger, Radlader, Minibagger, Grabenwalzen, Traktoren, LKW, Autos, Rüttelplatten neue und gebrauchte Walzen, Mobilbagger, Hummer H1, H2. roller excavator kids, children in action funy,child, professional, Komatsu, used roller, Hitachi, Kobelco occasion Hardliner des Herren in aktion Bobycar bobby car rennen http://www.ito-germany.de/video/funny/

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TxDOT District-wide seal coat contractor, Missouri Petroleum,works on US 79 between Jacksonville and Henderson. The process calls for spraying tacky ashpalt, spreading rock, and rolling the new surface. The application helps extend the life of the highway by keeping the base materials in and the water out.

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another shot i took to test my new camera . this time it is a road mender operating a road roller near the four courts on the quays in Dublin city .

gfARryn3hpw Dynapac CG233HF tandemwals Video gebrauchte Walze

Produktie Asfaltverwerking Nederland

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