Ditch Witch HT220 Heavy-Duty Trencher VIDEO USED TRENCHER

Demonstration of powerful Ditch Witch HT220 trencher, a rock-digging workhorse capable of trenching up to eight feet (2.4 m) deep and up to 24 inches (610 mm) wide in the most extreme jobsite conditions.

9SlwsqDL2AE Ditch Witch HT220 Heavy-Duty Trencher VIDEO USED TRENCHER

Demonstration of powerful Ditch Witch HT220 trencher, a rock-digging workhorse capable of trenching up to eight feet (2.4 m) deep and up to 24 inches (610 mm) wide in the most extreme jobsite conditions.

wPQMGUe2BYM Ditch Witch Trencher Video Grabenfraese Original video

Demonstration of capabilities of revolutionary Zahn® power utility equipment. Each Zahn is designed to deliver truly dedicated performance with each of its front ends.

Em6nwSFHGVw Lefebure.com Spring 2005 Trenching in Tile Video used CASE

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The KY400 Trencher is capable of trenching up to 40 inches (102 cm) in depth with a 5 1/2 inch (14 cm) wide cut. It is designed with dual Push-N-Pull cylinders to assure positive boom control for digging, boom lift, and transport. The terminator/cup combo chain offers carbide cutting tips for excellent cutting performance in a variety soil conditions. Digging teeth bolt onto the chain for easy replacement. The KY400 attached to a VENTRAC 4000 Series tractor gives the operator the ability to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations without damaging the turf like a traditional track unit would.

v6EjnUjfsaU 97 Vermeer T455 Trencher used VIDEO GRABENFRAESE GEBRAUCHT

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G3ibcPqfPlI Tarmo Projekt Mastenbroek TRENCHER VIDEO Kabelpflug video

kaabli paigaldamine,cable plow,trencher,kabelpfluge

fyTFmbiaj70 Ditch Witch XT1600 Excavator-Tool Carrier

Demonstration of capabilities of Ditch Witch XT1600 excavator-tool carrier. The XT1600 is essentially three machines in one: a backhoe loader, mini excavator, and skid steer.Ditch Witch Construction Machinery Video.

mB7wG_Dem_M macchine per scavi speciali trencher Video

Used Tesmec Trencher in action on this used equipment videomacchine speciali

wuRs4pHoWEQ TRS 1150 in Riad TESMEC Trencher Video gebrauchte grabenfräs

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UXvEAVeVxmw Tesmec TRS 1085 trencher Video

this is hard dig at the SRPMIC Police and Fire Substation site.

bpTUqwm4BzU Papé CORPORATE Trencher rocksaw company Video

The Papé corporate film introduces all eight West Coast companies, 2000 employee/members and its corporate philosophy. Papé Keeps You Moving!

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vq5amqKIY_0 Frezen Deventerstraat Apeldoorn

Het frezen van de Deventerstraat (17 juni 2002) door de Nederlandse Frees Mij.

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RT 460 TRENCHER TRABAJANDO EN MENDOZA Used Vermeer Equipment modell rt 460 in action on this youtube video


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LTZaoLyKQiA Trencher Mastenbroek Drainagepflug Kabelpflug excavadora

Drainagepflügen mit Mastenbroek Fräse Felsfräse rock saw Grabenfräse Vermeer Tesmec Ditch witch Parson trencher Komatsu Gravemaskiner minigraber maskiner Excavator truck crane machinery mining pipline excavadora

KoF48dHiGLw Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008 Vintage trencher

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008 40th Anniversary of the biggest festival of this kind in the world . Working demonstration of old vintage trencher,this is a Parsons ladder ditcher from Newton Iowa USA, made under licence by John Allen and sons from Oxford UK A trencher pioneer. George W. Parsons By: Landberg, Lynn George W. Parsons was one of the pioneers in manufacturing trenching machines. His first and smallest trencher was built in 1905, after which his trencher grew larger through the years. The biggest trencher, the 355, is capable of digging a 25-ft trench and was designed for pipe trenching. His company was sold several times, ending up with Seaman-Maxon. The last trencher under the Parsons name was manufactured in 1984. George Parsons began building trenchers in 1905. Although his company was sold several times, his name endures One of the pioneers in the manufacturing of trenching equipment was George W. Parsons, who began building trenchers in 1905 and soon was offering some of the smallest and largest trenchers around. Parsons\\\' first trencher was a ladder trencher, or ditcher, so called because buckets were attached to a continuous chain, giving it the appearance of a ladder. The ladder assembly was lowered into the ditch, the chain turned, the buckets filled and the material was carried topside and discharged onto a side conveyor for dumping alongside the trench or into a truck. The counterpart of the ladder ditcher was the wheel trencher. The main difference was that the buckets on the wheel trencher were attached to a large wheel, which lowered into the ground and turned to fill the buckets. After his first trencher, Parsons wasted no time in developing ever-larger machines. In 1906, he had a ladder ditcher that could open a trench 12 feet deep and 2 feet wide. The following year, he introduced a trencher that could dig 20 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Later, Parsons would add a line of wheel trenchers. Parsons\\\' largest trencher was the 355, which came out in 1964. It was a ladder trencher capable of digging to 25 feet. Designed for pipe trenching, the machine had a curved bottom to conform the trench to the pipe\\\'s curvature. The ladder on this machine was equipped with longitudinal rotating picks to trim the trench wider than normal dimensions. Parsons\\\' company went through a number of changes over the years. In 1929, it was purchased by Koehring, becoming pan of the National Equipment Corporation (NEC). NEC was dissolved in 1931, but Parsons remained part of Koehring. In 1976, Koehring divided Parsons and sold it to two companies. Seaman purchased the small, rubber-tired end of the trencher line. In 1978, Seaman changed its name to Seaman-Parsons and purchased the Digz-All trencher line. This gave Parsons a complete line of trenchers from 8- to 95-hp units. Today, trenchers under the Parsons name are manufactured by Seaman-Maxon of Milwaukee. The big-trencher end of the Parsons line was sold by Koehring to Trenchliner. In 1980, the Parsons line went to Michael Kukla International. The last of the big Parsons trenchers left the factory in 1984. An interesting sidelight to the Parsons story was George Parsons\\\' early partner, EL. Maytag. The two of them built an attachment for threshing machines before they split up and Parsons went into the trencher business. Maytag went on to establish a line of washing machines - and the rest, as they say, is history.

QtZMOxITPzc Trencher Tesmec Grabenfäse Tesmec rock saw Fels Fräse Maskin

Used Trencher Tesmec in action gebrauchte Felsfräse rock saw Vermeer Gomaco Trencher cabel plow Kabelpflug

kkjcTiU_yJ0 Fresadora Cold planer rocksaw Felsfräse

Fresadora de asfalto - hormigón en mini excavadora. Cold planer for mini excavator.

4PV4LmsldBg Inter-Drain 6050HT Dewatering Trencher Scheepers BV Video

Dewatering equipment is used to lower the groundwater table temporarily on a controlled depth. The Trencher installs first an unperforated pipe followed by a synthetic or organic wrapped perforated pipe. The drain length is determined by the drain diameter, soil-conditions and the water table. In general drain lengths of 50 and depths of 3 to 6 meters are common. After installation of the drainpipe a pump is connected to the drain and water can be pumped out. When the water table has been lowered the intended construction can start. As soon as the construction is finished the pumps can be stopped and the water table will rise again. More info: www.inter-drain.com www.inter-drain.cn www.scheepers-drainage.com

MjvHmlO3t9Y USED Ditch Witch Trencher RT115 Safety Bagger Video

Tips for safely and efficiently operating Ditch Witch riding or pedestrian trenchers. Ditch Witch RT115 Trencher Video USED Ditch Witch Trencher RT115 Safety Bagger Video

Z7ItqC0H0SM MASTENBROEK 30/20 trenching new drainage Video Trencher

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1pRpWExnq5I Anbau Fräse bobcat trencher skid steer loader Kompaktlader

Kompaktlader mit Anbaufräse trencher attachment used machinery attachment cold planer milling machin CAse rubber track loader JCB skid steer loader Gehl skid loader used machinery gravemaskiner brukt maskiner excavadora http://www.ito-germany.ru/video/

9-E9CmAJ2GM Simex T450 cold milling machine Video Takeuchi TL130 used

Sorprendenti prestazioni dell'escavatrice a ruota Simex. Notevole velocità d'avanzamento, scava e svuota contemporaneamente! milling machine, Takeuchi TL130 Video,used takeuchi video, takeuchi rubber tracked loader, bobcat video, used takeuchi video, takeuchi gebraucht video, gebrauchte baumaschinen videos, bau-portal video, kompaktlader takeuchi video, takeuchi skid steer loader, video skid steer loader, video takeuchi, baumaschinen videos, video baumaschine, maskiner video, youtube video,



EDUNY7f6MSQ Fräse Mastenbroek Trencher Kabelpflug Felsfräse

Gebrauchte Felsfräse Masterbroek cbel plow trencher trenage pflug im Einsatz use machinery cabel plow Vermeer Ditch Witch trencher R100 R150 Vermeer T800 used mining machinery construction Baustelle Bauforum http://www.ito-germany.com/video/

oXl8osItQ8w Vermeer T755 Chain Trencher VIDEO Grabenfraese gebraucht

2001 Vermeer T755 trencher, cat 3306 diesel engine @ 250 hp, 1275 hours, 10' x 34" cut, crumb shoe, berm Trenchers and EquipmentCalifornia video, baumaschinen videos, used machinery for sale, tesmec trencher used video, gebrauchte baumaschinen, bau video portal, baumaschinen bilder, bagger videos, tractor video, trencher video ditch trencher vermeer, video ditch trencher, ditch witch videos, vermeer rock saw video, used vermeer trencher, verkaufe baumaschinen video,

PPDUvyki0jk Ditch Witch 420sx Vibratory Plow used Kabelpflug gebraucht

Demonstration of Ditch Witch 420sx vibratory plow, a riding unit that plows in more feet of product per minute than any machine in its class.

C0kUP0apaoU Backhoe Cold Planer Road Surface milling machine

used miling machine JCB Excavatot attachment demolitiontools Brukt Maskiner minigraver JCB Komatsu bagger Caterpillar excavator Produkt video Baumaschinen construction machinery Kobelco New Holland excavadora

HQf5AcJeEoA USED DITCH WITCH TRENCHER VIDEO 3700 Grabefraese gebraucht

trencher USED DITCH WITCH TRENCHER VIDEO 3770 Grabefraese gebraucht

ptFYl7b38ds Miah Powered Stabilizer Chassis Trencher VIDEO 3D Vermeer

The ML-7000 Trencher with our powered stabilizer chassis is equipped with hydraulic power driven tracks that support and stabilize the end of the cutter bar while traveling and trenching.

RHhgK1aQMAk 99 Ditch Witch 7610 Trencher with backhoe Video TRENCHER USE

1313 hours, 74 hp deutz, 6 way blade, 4 wheel steer, combo chain, good shape and ready to go to work. Call 817-221-1036

acTBl8UKNaQ 1 metre deep rotary wheel trencher Video used Euipment

Tractor mounted rotary wheel trencher works at 400 linear metres per hour, digging trench, installing pipe & backfilling. Contact Paul Beal for more info on

99A7sq_O5O8 Ditch Witch HT220 Heavy-Duty Trencher VIDEO DITCHWITCH

Demonstration of powerful Ditch Witch HT220 trencher, a rock-digging workhorse capable of trenching up to eight feet (2.4 m) deep and up to 24 inches (610 mm) wide in the most extreme jobsite conditions.HT220,Trencher,Trenching,Ditch Witch HT220, Heavy-Duty Trencher, VIDEO DITCHWITCH, Vermeer Trencher Video,Ditch Witch HT220 video,used ditch witch HT220, Fraese ditch witch gebraucht,gebrauchte Felsfraese ditch witch, Ditch witch Germany,Ditch Witch Deutschland video,verkaufe ditch witch,baustellen video, baumaschinen zu verkaufen, VERMEER,CASE,TESMEC,VIDEO TESMEC,used tesmec video, tesmec trencher video,Demo video,

7EqUB6b-8Vc USED Ditch Witch 410sx Rock Saw Video gebrauchte Baumaschine

04 Ditch Witch 410sx Rock Saw, 106 hours, 15" Deep, 2" Wide, Bore Attachment, Same as NEW condition!! FoUSED Ditch Witch 410sx Rock Saw Video gebrauchte Baumaschinen 04,410sx,attachment,bore,Ditch,Rock,Saw,trencher,Witch,USED Ditch Witch 410sx, Rock Saw Video, gebrauchte Baumaschinen,videos baumaschinen, bau-portal videos, bau video portal, Felsfräse video, ditch witch gebraucht, grabenfräse ditch witch, used ditch witch rocksaw, ditch witch 410SX, used trencher video, vermeer trencher video, used tesmec trencher, tesmec video, videos vermeer trencher, videos ditch witch, baustellen video, bagger video, gebrauchte baumaschinen, brugte maskiner video, maskiner video, minigraver video,

IMqhST5hWwc Ditch Witch RT90 Used Trencher Excavator Videos pictures

An used Ditch Witch RT90 in motion heavy Equipment online videos. Baumaschinen gebraucht zu verkaufen inserate mit BAGGER VIDEOS.